Thank you for your interest in Holy Rosary International College.

Our admission process takes a holistic approach, taking both grades and personal interests into consideration. We seek motivated students who bring a variety of talents and diverse backgrounds.

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Admission Procedure:

  • Horicol offers the opportunity for contemporary learning, academic excellence and all-rounded formation of a girl child.
  • The College has earned a very high reputation and is respected for being one of the leading colleges in the Country for many years.
  •  Horicol offers an environment that is nurturing, where students are encouraged to reach their potential by embracing contemporary teaching methods and technologies – all in a tradition that celebrates the College’s rich heritage.
  • The College offers a range of sporting, cultural and other co-curricular activities.
  • Holy Rosary International College represents excellent value as an investment in your daughter’s future.

 Admission Procedure:

1.    online Form (Downloadable)

  1. Complete the form and return it to the College. At this stage, the College only collects minimal information as more details are collected at a later stage of the process. No payment is required at this stage. You can only pay for the form if you are purchasing from the designated centres.
  2. Send in a completed Entrance form to and you will get a response by email on what next.
  3. N/B: Candidates who obtained the entrance  form online will pay for it as they return the form on or before the examination day.

2. Application Information

  1. HORICOL only accept candidates who are currently in Primary Six (6) and JS3 seeking admission into JS1 & SS1 respectively to purchase or download the entry form. (Candidates should come to the examination hall with Blue Pen, HB Pencil, Eraser and their entrance slip).
  2. Ensure that purchased/online download Form is signed by both parents/Head Teacher of your present school. This form is more detailed as more information is collected to assess the application and determine how HORICOL might meet the needs of your daughter.
  3. Send in your entry form or come with a completed form on the day of examination with the copies of the following items to the College:
    – A copy of the student’s Birth Certificate
    – A copy of the student’s most recent school result
    – A copy of  your Baptismal Certificate
    – Any other information which may assist in the determination of the   College’s capacity to meet the educational needs of the applicant.
  4. Make a payment of the Entrance Examination form Fee of N2,500.
  5. The admissions team will then assess your application and determine if you may be required to seat for the Entrance Examination

3. Subjects

        The applicant will be tested in the following areas: 


         * English language and Verbal Aptitude,

         * Mathematics and Quantitative Aptitude,

         * General Paper.

         (SS1) – English, Mathematics and Aptitude Test

4.  Result Publication

  1. The Entrance Results are published two weeks after the examination, successful candidates are invited for an interview.
  2. The Final results are then published online or via sms and are invited for the Acceptance/admission stage

5. Acceptance Stage

  1. To accept the offer a non-refundable fee is paid within 2 weeks of the offer.
  2. Once the payments have been received by the College, you will receive a letter confirming the admission of your daughter at Holy Rosary International College, Owerri

Admission Form can be downloaded from here, Only complete either for JS 1 or SS 1.

We are on the move to excellence always!!!


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