Dear students, welcome to your online learning platform, you are required to open any subject as it applies to you, read properly and attend to all assignments in each of the folder. Remember to keep your assignment safe for submission on resumption day as 3rd term scores. Stay safe and blessed Read online test instructions on the next page below.

Weeks 1 & 2


Vitual Art          PHE. Wk1         MATHS Wk1&2  Igbo Wk 1&2


COMPUTER        CIVIC Wks 1&2 Agric                   BUSINESS STU.  Wk2


Music  Wk1        Music  Wk 2       PROSE 2             DOCTRINE


Basic_Tech        English                 BASIC SCI            Social Studies


Continue to Weeks 3 and 4



Visual Art.wk 3&4         PHE Wk 3              MATHS Wk 3&4


History Wk 3&4             FRENCH Wk 3      Doctrine Wk 3


CRS Wk 3&4                 CIVIC EDU Wk 3     Soc. Studies Wks 2-4


Computer Wk 3          Music Wk3-4            Doctrine Wk 4


English Wk 3               Agric Sci Wk 2&3    HISTORY Wk 4


IGBO                             Basic Sci Wk 3         



Continue to Weeks 5 & 6



Agric        PHE         Maths Computer   Social Studies



French      English   CRK     Visual Art   Lit-in-English





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